Hello. Welcome! This site is under construction.  I haven’t advertised this site, so if you landed here, I don’t want to lose you! My dream has been to start this members-only website. Click my email link, to trigger me to start sending productivity-oriented emails. You will be an early member, of what is to become a popular hangout for everything Christian-productivity-oriented!

The knowledge of man, versus wisdom of God.

How to balance the two?

Welcome to the Christian Highly Effective Project Manager (CHEPM) website.

  • On the other side, in our member’s area, we are an informal, and tight-knit group of like-minded Christians talking about problems on everybody’s minds. On this site, we talk them from a Christian-based point-of-view, **and** we distill every nugget of knowledge to its core essential. Eliminate the fluff, all the filler-words, the time-sucking chaff that destroys what little time we have available!
  • Do you have one, or more of these common problems?
    • Help! I am running several projects at once. How do I juggle all these balls and not let one fall to the floor?
    • My team members are not contributing to the project like they should be. My project is falling behind schedule, and running over budget. What can I do?
    • Quick! My boss told me to create a Statement of Work. Where do I look? I am overwhelmed with the number of choices on the internet, and don’t have time to follow dead-ends!
    • I am overwhelmed with the size and complexity of this project. Where do I start??
  • Are you tired of signing up (and paying) for project management courses, only to find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of information, and the time it takes to read it all?
  • Do you ever wish you had a master-mind group of like-minded people to bounce your problems off?
  • Are you good at productivity, time-management, and project-management?  And these knowledge and skills have served you well, and you are looking for the opportunity to share with like-minded people?
  • How would you like to be coached by somebody with experience? Somebody who genuinely cares about you, as a fellow Christian?
This site is not your typical Self-Help, or Project Management web site. I am delighted you have read this far, and since we have just met, let’s get to know you a little better. To customize the messages to who you are, and where you are at, right now.
Self-evaluate yourself. Click on one of the 4 buttons, below, that reflects your current time- or project management expertise. The button takes you to a page more customized for your situation. This site is unique. It is a community + learning content site designed to accommodate beginners to experts. Join us, take the click!


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300-Interested in Project Management certification

400-Certified PMP, or an experienced, veteran project manager


Want to be highly effective in my time and tasks


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